• Jul. 16th, 2015 at 4:38 AM
curledupkitten: (Default)
Whoo hoo!
Since we had so much fun before, we decided to do the thing again!
The theme is Soulmates AUs

So rock out with your soulmate aus:
- bonded from birth
- soul identification marks
- bonded by choice (as is common in things like A/B/O)
- countdown timer aus (a clock on my wrist counts down until the moment i meet my soulmate--)
- red string of fate!
- soulmates are super rare but every once in a while you get lucky
- people loving someone other than their soulmate and choosing that person instead
- reincarnated over lifetimes
- i can only see colors when my soulmate appears... and when they die, i lose it
- fics where being next to your soulmate can heal you
- fics where being soulmates has resulted in telepathy
- our souls are bound so tightly together we meet in our dreams every night
- seeing through each other's eyes thanks to a soulbond connection
- PLATONIC soulbonds
- SIBLING soulbonds
- I somehow have two soulmates and now we've gotta figure out this polyamory thing because y'all aren't soulmates with each other just me.
- loveless aus im sorry (you're half of a fated pair of fighter and sacrifice plusssss nekomimi)
- any kind of soulbond you can think of don't be an amateur you've got this

What counts?
- panfandom this time. volleyboys, bikes, exos, any kpops, jpops, animes, hockeys, please enjoy yourself
- art ok, fic okay. let's set a minimum of 400 words and a maximum of "help my heart is bleeding all over everything why don't you love me anymore." 
- you can commentfic it or link it and i'll make a masterlist at the end
- you've probably figured out these rules are just guidelines, break them you naughty thing

anyone can play, come one come all, it doesn't matter if we're strangers or buds i think we all just wanna read more of this trope because it's the best fight me.

link ur friends  link your neighbors 
play nicely thank you 
u can write 5 fills or no fills or 80 fills or just comment on fills that's rly nice if you do it <3
you can also link something relatively new you've already written IF U WANT

u can use your lj to reply, if it doesn't make a clickable link i will make it clickable for you i am tres responsible. (lie, but i can make links relatively promptly)

due date... hmmm... let's cut this off on JULY 30 :D :D
that's ~2 weeks keep arms and legs inside the vehicle while it is in motion


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