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2024-12-01 03:29 pm


revamping this
this is KPOP only, if you're looking for me in other fandoms i use different journals, and everything can be found under ao3 user chanyeol by clicking various pseuds.

okay so here is ao3.
and this is flavors.
and this is listography.
and this is tumblr.

this is all of my kpop things yes good
consider blanket transformative works (podfics, translations, etc) permission granted, with the exception of remixes. do not remix my fic. thank you!
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2015-07-16 04:38 am


Whoo hoo!
Since we had so much fun before, we decided to do the thing again!
The theme is Soulmates AUs

So rock out with your soulmate aus:
- bonded from birth
- soul identification marks
- bonded by choice (as is common in things like A/B/O)
- countdown timer aus (a clock on my wrist counts down until the moment i meet my soulmate--)
- red string of fate!
- soulmates are super rare but every once in a while you get lucky
- people loving someone other than their soulmate and choosing that person instead
- reincarnated over lifetimes
- i can only see colors when my soulmate appears... and when they die, i lose it
- fics where being next to your soulmate can heal you
- fics where being soulmates has resulted in telepathy
- our souls are bound so tightly together we meet in our dreams every night
- seeing through each other's eyes thanks to a soulbond connection
- PLATONIC soulbonds
- SIBLING soulbonds
- I somehow have two soulmates and now we've gotta figure out this polyamory thing because y'all aren't soulmates with each other just me.
- loveless aus im sorry (you're half of a fated pair of fighter and sacrifice plusssss nekomimi)
- any kind of soulbond you can think of don't be an amateur you've got this

What counts?
- panfandom this time. volleyboys, bikes, exos, any kpops, jpops, animes, hockeys, please enjoy yourself
- art ok, fic okay. let's set a minimum of 400 words and a maximum of "help my heart is bleeding all over everything why don't you love me anymore." 
- you can commentfic it or link it and i'll make a masterlist at the end
- you've probably figured out these rules are just guidelines, break them you naughty thing

anyone can play, come one come all, it doesn't matter if we're strangers or buds i think we all just wanna read more of this trope because it's the best fight me.

link ur friends  link your neighbors 
play nicely thank you 
u can write 5 fills or no fills or 80 fills or just comment on fills that's rly nice if you do it <3
you can also link something relatively new you've already written IF U WANT

u can use your lj to reply, if it doesn't make a clickable link i will make it clickable for you i am tres responsible. (lie, but i can make links relatively promptly)

due date... hmmm... let's cut this off on JULY 30 :D :D
that's ~2 weeks keep arms and legs inside the vehicle while it is in motion


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2015-07-05 07:04 pm

Fake Dating AUs Week

Volunteering my journal for this to make it more organized guys cause twitter is a mess rn.

Dumping ground for your EXO fake dating AUs.

-- fake dating
-- fake married
-- our friends think we're dating and we'll keep letting them think that
-- woke up married and now we have to stay married for Reasons
-- any other fake dating spiderweb trope i don't rly care
-- u can also write canon fake dating if u want knock urself out
-- if you wanna write about Secret Dating which is a fake not-dating au no one is gonna say no you feel me

What counts?
-- someone in EXO is fake dating. cross-group fics also cool, ppl who used to be in exo also cool
-- there aren't rly any rules, let's say minumum wc 400 words, maximum like 5k or so, dun worry abt exact things
-- and art. ang, draw stuff, everyone draw stuff, okay go, fake date!!!
-- leave it in the comments or link it back to a post on your own journal or your ao3 or your tumblr it doesn't matter just fake-date
-- im not rly going to enforce any rules whatsoever this isn't a challenge or exchange it's just for fun, drabbles and ideas and one scene from that fake dating au you'll never write

also in case it needs to be said anyone can reply/play on this post even if i don't know u please enjoy, read or write a fake dating au, everyone knows fake dating is the best trope. you can also post a link to a fake dating au you've already written, that's cool, i think we all just want as many fake dating aus as possible.

you can comment with ?s, replies, not-fic too, i'll try to, uh... masterlist the fic/art as we go along
let's run it until next monday midnight, so like, monday july 13, 2015 at 11:59 EST
yay! link ur friends link ur fam (dont link my fam)
ilu guys stop twitlongering now
let dw have its day
u can use your lj to reply you don't need to sign up for dw

xoxo kitten

MASTERLIST (21 fills)

by [personal profile] rustle 
can't fight this feeling (baekchen/pg/1000words)
take me in, take me deeper (baeksoo/pg13/6685words)

by [personal profile] airplanewishes 
- hold my hand just like this (baeksoo/g/1202words)

by [personal profile] bluedreaming 
shelter (sehun+jiro wang/pg/2707words) *warnings: sort of age gap
- le ver dans la pomme nous glisse entre les dents (xiuchen/pg13/731words)

by [personal profile] curledupkitten 
- eternally yours (suchen/pg13/4000words)

by yuraxchan @ lj
- Drummer Boy (chankai/pg13/3565words)

by [personal profile] arashijun 
- contract on love (suho+jessica/g/2300words)

by [personal profile] hyemiyah 
- You're my Waterloo (baektao/g/1000words)

by [personal profile] xiukisses 
- kiss me while everyone is looking (xiuhun/g/482words)

by [personal profile] keuroket 
- chankai art  ONE | TWO | THREE

by [personal profile] smallorbits 
- just rite (chankai/g/1710words)

by [personal profile] thesockmonster 
- With A Bang (baeksoo/pg13/1600words)
- Social Standards (fem!lu+baek/pg13/2000words)

by theafterimages @ lj
- don't wait too long (taohun/pg13/5000words)

by [personal profile] tolerants 
- love chance  (sukai/pg/878words)

by[personal profile] geared 
- leoxing fake dating au (vixx leo+lay/pg/3734words) *warnings: alcohol

by [personal profile] promiseslala 
- Royal Love (lukai/nc17/10900words) *warnings: mentions of war/non-exo character death

by [personal profile] tatoeba 
- Under False Pretenses (baeksoo/pg13/10501words)

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2014-03-07 08:02 pm

FIC, 2014/2/27, EXO

the heart where i have roots, jongin + chanyeol, 15+, 49300words
jongin hadn't realized what chanyeol would give up for them both to be happy.

warnings for non-exo character death!!! but it's not what you think

best read here

originally posted here @ forjongin

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2013-10-25 03:58 pm

fic, 2013/10/25, exo i of iv

(after a while) you learn, joonmyun + baekhyun, 18+ (for sexual content), au, 130000words
there are very few things harder for joonmyun than being honest with himself.

track 1 )
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2013-09-15 02:21 pm

FIC, 2013/07/12, EXO (rng exchange)

that summer magic, jongdae + joonmyun, 15+, 50100 words
Jongdae spends most of his on-shift time at Everland amusement park wishing that, as advertised, his dreams would actually come true.

best read at ao3

read at rng
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2013-06-17 10:42 am

fic, 2013/5/11, SHINee

a waking man, key + taemin, 18+ (for sexual content), canon, 26000 words
hope is the dream of a waking man, and it’s hard for Kibum to sleep when he can’t stop staring at the stars.

a/n: thank you to riley and jess for letting me scream at them, and also to m1 and m2 for beta, and to h for being stubbornly angry about me not letting her see.
warning for mentions of illegal substances and sex between two consenting people both under the age of eighteen.

read here
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2013-04-04 05:36 pm

fic, 2013/04/04, exo, i of ii

the touchline, lu han + joonmyun, r, au, 75000words
lu han is afraid of heights, among other things.

a/n: thank you to h, mc, m, and bbmm!!! ✩ ✩ for slogging through this, helping me with ✩ ~rewrites and revisions~ ✩, and correcting my atrocious typos. thank you!!!! ( i’m half the writer without you guys ✩ ✩) also tlist sorry i’m so whiny but i love you thank you you are all saints ✩ ✩

warnings: homophobia, hazing, mentions of past violence/bullying and past emotional abuse. please take this warning seriously!!!

some music if you’re curious.

first half )
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2013-01-22 07:08 pm

fic, 2013/01/23, exo

camera (shy), joonmyun + jongin, 18+ (for sexual content), au, 28,900 words
jongin is suho's biggest fan, but strangely enough, he finds deceptively mild-mannered joonmyun even more intriguing.

a/n: for [personal profile] dmtn . ✬ ✬
lo lamento, perezocita. lo lamento.
also in fulfillment of a trope bingo square!

it is completely and totally normal to have a favorite porn star )
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2013-01-09 02:55 pm

fic, 2013/01/09, exo, i of ii

raise your expectations, r, joonmyun + chanyeol, au, 47500w
in the heat of summer, chanyeol walks in, and joonmyun starts to wake up

a/n: so. exo. for [ profile] loudestoflove ([personal profile] riots ), because this is how one wins (or loses) friendship these days. thank you to h, t, and n, without whom this feat would have been impossible.

Read more... )